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S.M.E.A.C. is the procedure for a leader briefing his team about the situation, mission and how they are going to execute the mission.

Situation, give a basic account of your current situation.

Mission, give a one-line statement of the objective of the mission (Then repeat the statement).

Execution, this is basically your plan for the mission which you explain in as much detail as possible to the team, you could use a visual aid such as a diagram .

Any Questions, simple enough, ask your team if they have any questions, but watch your time.

Check Understanding, basically question your team on the plan, who is the 2nd IC or safety (if you have allocated one) the limitations and the time restrictions. Use poise and pounce techniques like “How long do we have to complete the mission…. Mr Bean?”

To see an example of a leadership exercise click here.  





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