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May / June 2003


By  FS Bobby Hastie

The wing athletics is one of the most popular and important sporting events of the year. At this event teams for almost all of the squadrons in the wing compete in a wide range of track and field events, for trophies, medals, and of course a place in the wing team for the regional event for the winners.  

This year, as with most, the event was held at Dam Park in Ayr, on Sunday 1st June. Our squadron was also attending this competition and with two previous training sessions held at Scotstoun and the Kelvin Hall, we had an excellent turn out from the cadets. Most events were participated in by our team, however, there were not enough people participating to fill some of the age categories. This did not deter the cadets in giving a great effort, and coming back with a few medals.

The day began early on the Sunday morning, an hours mini-bus journey took us straight to Ayr, and it was a short wait before the competition started. The weather was fair, to begin with, with some sun casting over the stand as we waited for the beginning of the first race. As with previous years, the sprints were called first, and as the competitors whizzed down the straight. Each squadron was cheering for their cadets in their own way. We just preferred the timeless classic of shouting really really loudly, either their name, or our squadron. 

The day ran through quite smoothly, with all of the events featuring fierce competition, and an all round high standard. The events were 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, long jump, high jump, discus, javelin, and shot put.

Each event had its own competition, and each produced a winner. These winners were to go onto represent the wing at the regional event some weeks later (read about regional event in this issue).  

As the day drew to a close with the final few events, the sky became overcast, and the rain began to fall. As the wing commander said we were lucky that the rain only chose to come out at the end. Having been going to the wing athletics

for several years now, it never ceases to amaze me just how determined some of the younger cadets are. The work they put into this day and the training that some do really pays off in the end. The squadron had a whole host of medals, 6 Bronze, 5 Silver, and 5 Golds, plus third place in the overall class D girls competition. This year was enjoyable and a great occasion to show off the talents of some of the squadron. It also was a great day out in general, but maybe with a little more training and that little bit more determination; next year will be even better.

Further pictures of this years Wing Athletics are available in the gallery.

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By Cpl Michael Little

Those who were successful in winning their events at the Wing Athletics were chosen to represent Glasgow & West Scotland Wing at the Scotland & Northern Ireland Regional Athletics Championships. Cadets from 2175 included myself, FS Hastie, Cdt Gormley, Cdt Vines, Cdt Jones and Cdt Finnie. 

The pick up, at North Hanover Street was early. Really early in the morning! However, we soon woke up. 

As usual, the wing did extremely well and was announced best wing at the competition. Our cadets played an important part with FS Hastie winning 3 Gold medals, Cadet Jones winning Bronze and I also won a Bronze! 

The weather was brilliant and the support we had was excellent! 

We showed the region that we are the best wing once again and can’t wait for next year’s competition. 

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By Cdt Shan 

All tired but eager, Myself (Cadet Shan), Pro Shan, Cadet Donovan, Cadet Adair, Cadet Hastie, Cadet McGregor, Cadet Morrison and Cadet Phillips travelled to Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Marathon. 

We left the squadron at 6:30am and arrived in Edinburgh at 8:00am.Our job there was to direct the runners and control the traffic. We were split into two groups: me, Cadet Donovan, Cadet Adair and Cadet Phillips went with Flying Officer Anderson and Pro Shan, Cadet Hastie, Cadet Morrison and Cadet McGregor went with Flt Lt Brad. 

The race started at 9:30am and we all got to work. Cadet Donovan and I held control of one traffic gate and Cadet Adair plus Cadet Phillips were in control of another gate. Flt Lt Brad’s group were in another part of the race so we did not see what they were doing. Local People plus the cadets were all cheering on the runners. The Marathon finished at about 12:00pm and we all got lunch. We stopped at Burger King and some of us got lunch there. 

The squadron received at donation of Ł250 for our work on the day and cadets received goodie bags with t-shirts. 

It was a good morning out for me and the cadets and we hope to do this next year. 

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By Cpl Niall Morrison

On the 15th of June the wing drill competition took place at Kilmarnock Squadron.  There were many squadrons present for the main competition these included Kilmarnock, Paisley, ourselves (Hillington), Kings Park and others. Oddly this year there were no entrants for the TYRO competition, the tyro is for smaller squadrons or squadrons who cannot field a full drill team.  

The cadets assembled down at the squadron from about half seven onwards tending to last minute improvements to the already perfect uniforms.  Then the time came to leave the squadron and journey to Kilmarnock when we arrived some cadets were already practicing drill on the parade square

We were the second last team to go so emotions were running high but the cadets all went out and gave a dammed good show clearly outstripping the other competitors in several fields, but alas we achieved 3rd place…………..well get them and there little dog next time. 

Well done to all the cadets who participated you all did the squadron proud and if anyone wishes to see our drill team in action don’t bother asking because we won’t bother giving you a show, just ask to see the video. 

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By Cdt Chris Kilmartin J

From the 23rd to the 25th of May 2003, cadets from every squadron in the wing came together at Garelochhead Army Training Camp for the Annual Wing Garelochhead Weekend. A weekend packed with activities such as Flying, Orienteering, Shooting (Live and at the SAT Range), Rope Work , Visits to the Police Dogs, Mountain Boarding, Abseiling, Leadership Exercises, Camo and Concealment, Trips out on the Police Boats and Police Ribs and a Disco just to top it all off.  The Wing Garelochhead is also a prime opportunity to make new friends with people from other squadrons in the wing. 

This was my Third Wing Garelochhead, but for most of the other Cadets that went from 2175 it was their first experience at a Wing Camp.  Myself and the other Cadets thought the camp was great but the Disco could have done with a lot more people, although we did benefit from the lack of people when it came to events like Flying, Shooting and getting out on the Police Ribs. 

The Wing camp is always very well organized and everything runs like clockwork. Thanks to all the Officers, CI’s and all others who helped organize the weekend (weeks in advance) and made sure everything ran smoothly.  

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            By Cdt  Hussain Kayani

The course was split into two parts because there were so many things to cover. These included drill, uniform, reprimands, 602 museum history, squadron history, how to write a letter of application, interview tips and a mock interview. The cadets who attended this course were: Cadets Moreland, Clarke, Gillies, Denovan and Hogg. The NCO team were also present to help with the course. The course was run by CI Callan, CI Sim and FS Hastie.

When we got to the squadron we sat in the mess until we were called into the main hall. I was so anxious to find out what was going to happen. Before we began, we had to give a prepared speech about ourselves and why we should be corporals. The first half was interesting because we got a chance to discover how to be a good leader, why we have discipline, what is expected of a JNCO and a lot of other things. After all that we eventually got a break (YES!)

Then we all stuffed our faces with food and went back inside to finish off the last topic for the night which was something we all love, DRILL! FS Hastie taught us all how to give drill commands in the correct way. For this, we had to have loud voices to project the commands with the correct tone, rhythm and speed, which was harder than it sounds! Then we got the chance to command a squad ourselves and it felt great!

The final part of the course was, in my opinion, was the best part. First we learnt how to conduct reprimands; the FS gave us a lot of information and a mock example which was very interesting and educational.

CI Callan then gave us some valuable tips on how to handle yourself in an interview which came in very handy. We then picked a number out of a hat to determine the order for our interviews. I was, thankfully, not first.

While we were waiting I had butterflies in my stomach and I was getting very tense.

I know what you’re thinking, why was I getting worried about a mock interview? But trust me, one still gets nervous.

Sadly folks, I can’t tell you what I was asked in the interview, top secret and all that! But if you go on the next course you will find it fun and informative and it will put you onto the path of becoming a junior NCO.

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By Cadet Neil Finnie

On the 7th of June, eight cadets along with Flt Lt Short set off to Rolls-Royce East Kilbride to help them with their 50th anniversary celebrations.

We were up bright and early that morning to find that it was raining but then the weather turned sunny and we set off in a pleasant mood. 

When we arrived at 2414 (East Kilbride) Squadron we were told to go through to the hall. We then filled up the minibus with a giant tent and some tables and headed off to the factory. 

Then we were all given specific jobs to do but when we got to the place, the police had taken all of our jobs! We then started to give out “Future Pilot” stickers to young children and then we were free to do what we wanted. As soon as we finished we all ran to the canteen to get some lunch, which was free! YEAH!

When we finished lunch we had a walk about the complex to see all of the aero engines. Some were made for the Boeing 777 or 757 and others were for smaller planes. There was also a karate club showing us some karate moves, there was a brass band and there was the longest throw of a self built paper aeroplane and the winner won a trip on the glider. I just missed out by coming second! Some people had also brought down some massive Rolls-Royce cars and buses that were really old. 

There was a planned fly past of a Nimrod, a Tornado and the Red Arrows but to everyone’s disappointment only the Nimrod flew past. Then, just to finish the day off really well we all had a big group photo with the Scottish Claymore Cheerleaders. (online soon!)

All in, the day was a huge success for everyone and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t have wanted to be there.

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By Cpl Joe Muir

On the 18th of May several cadets from the squadron went to the Mosspark/Haggs Road area to undertake the challenge of the traffic gates in aid of the Ladies 10K race. Cadets Neil Finnie and Hogan are pictured above. The early start was a test of commitment that was quickly conquered and the briefing by ex CO Flt Lt Gregor Brad woke up the junior cadets who weren’t used to such early starts.

We spent a long time waiting on the contenders but crisps, juice etc rectified this, which were provided by Strathclyde police.

During the day, a few familiar faces were spotted at my gate for example Ms. Durkan (my maths teacher) from Lourdes secondary school was noticed by shouting, “Hi Joseph!” Other people racing whom we knew were Mrs Little Cpl Little’s mum and Mrs McGregor, Cdt McGregor’s mum. These familiar faces were a boost to the morale as clapping for hours had became sore to the hands but our support was what made the ladies finish the race as we were the closest gate to the finish. Big thanks to all the cadets who turned up in aid of the race.

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By Cdt Denovan 

On Saturday the 8th June Flt lieutenant Short, myself and Flt Lieutenant Short. aided the Race for Life 

Our job? To help 62 Squadron, the race organizers and the race volunteers to help set up the selection of boxes packed with; Cornflakes, Shredded Wheat Fruitful, medals, water, goodie bags and Quakers Snack-A-Jacks into the 6 different “funnels.” I then had the task of opening the gates that let the thousand of women through to the start line, then an SMP blew an air horn and the runners ran, and walkers walked the 5k trek around Glasgow Green. It was then that Flt Lieutenant Short and myself headed back to the finish line to hand out the essential items and medals to masses of women, although by this point it was raining, we were still full of excitement. 

When it was all over at 12 o’clock there was a ton of boxes full and half full of different things, so like civil human beings we helped ourselves to the boxes! I came away with 48 boxes of Cornflakes and 3 boxes of Shredded Wheat Fruitful!!! I don’t know what Flt Lieutenant Short took but it was quite a lot as well! I must add though that all the boxes where mini size!  

So, although it rained and it was miserable we where still in a good mood and we got to see women in tight shorts and t-shirts!!

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